Digital Media Specialist | Spécialiste des Médias Numériques 

Web Design & Development

When you’re building a website from scratch and need to create original content, I’m here to help.

Social Media Marketing

Successful social media profiles require more than just keeping the profile up-to-date. Successful campaigns need original and unique content that inspires all.

Video/Photo Production

When prospective client will visit your website and see high-quality photos and videos, they will want to become a part of this digital world.


Graphic Design & Illustration

Creating professional brochures, flyers, posters and marketing materials.

Case Study : A Successful School Marketing in Canada

In today’s world, every schools need a digital profile. Increasingly, prospective students go online first to find schools in Canada. Creating a digital profile is a good chance to tell your school story and we can highlight the opportunities.

Let me help you share your story.  Start your project now

Logo Design

Designing a high quality logo design


Designing a brand identity


Website and social media text writing


Email Marketing

Personalizing campaigns around subscribers

Looking for a designer?

I am a passionate professional with an education background in social media and tourism. Diversity and quality in the produced content are my main goals. If you’d like to collaborate and create inspiring content together. I’d love to hear from you.